Are viruses intelligent lifeforms?

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Are viruses intelligent lifeforms?
« on: 06/11/2010 00:30:02 »
@Juillesim asked the Naked Scientists:
Are viruses intelligent life forms?

What do you think?
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Are viruses intelligent lifeforms?
« Reply #1 on: 10/12/2010 15:27:53 »
We discussed this question on our  show
We put this question to Dr Stacey Efstathiou:
Stacey -  Well as a virologist, Id say yes, very intelligent. I mean, they're elegant life entities that can reproduce themselves, that can cause persistent infections, reactivate. A different type of intelligence, no brain cells involved.
Chris -  Indeed, but it depends whether you believe a virus is alive or not. I mean, my own belief is a virus is not alive, its just an infectious bag of genes.
Stacey -  It is an infectious bag of genes and it undergoes evolution, so in some ways, you could say it is a life form.
Chris -  But not intelligently designed, I hasten to add...
Click to visit the show page for the podcast in which this question is answered. Alternatively, [chapter podcast=2824 track=10.11.07/Naked_Scientists_Show_10.11.07_7468.mp3] listen to the answer now[/chapter] or [download as MP3]
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