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« on: 09/02/2006 18:38:11 »
I have been seeing things in my vision and I don;t know what is causing it.  When I look around myself sometimes I am seeing what looks like rain.  This may sound silly but do you know what may be causing it ? I also have concerns that I may be developing schizophrenia although I have had anxiety for a couple of years know.  Could it be related to say hallucinations (early symptoms of schizophrenia) ?




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Re: Eyes
« Reply #1 on: 09/02/2006 19:29:33 »

Have you read the replies to your previous posts yet ?...if you haven't please do.

Anxiety can cause so many other symptoms Chris that I am sure this is what it is...ESPECIALLY when you say you have suffered with anxiety for two years.

have you been to the doctor yet ?...if not...get down there....if you have, what did they say ?

I have also suffered severe anxiety attacks and symptoms similar to yours....it's just anxiety and as terrible and as awful as it is to experience it is somthing that can be dealt with.

I would say ( and I'm not a doctor or medical analyst of any sort) but in my limited experience I woudl say you are NOT schitzophrenic but certainly suffering from severe anxiety and probably depression.....get down to the doctors who will hopefully refer you to a specialist. It's worth finding out for sure isn't it ?

Good luck

Please let us know how you get on.

Men are the same as women.... just inside out !!
Men are the same as women, just inside out !