Low fat diets don't help

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Low fat diets don't help
« on: 10/02/2006 12:48:57 »

Heart experts say a study which shows a lack of health benefits from a low-fat diet failed to take into account other risk factors.
A US study of over 19,500 women found cutting back on fat for almost a decade failed to offer significant protection against some cancers and heart disease.
But British experts say salt levels were not cut, and many of the women were overweight or obese.

The American researchers say that they are not disheartened by the results.
They said the difference between "good" and "bad" fats was not recognised when the study started, so women were only told to reduce fat consumption - rather than to reduce levels of trans-fats, which are classed as bad, while fats in nuts, fish and vegetable oils are said to have health benefits.

"Women can be confident that cutting back on fat and following the recommended dietary guidelines... certainly won't hurt when it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and preventing chronic disease."

Does there not seem to be a great deal of effort being put into rubbishing this research.

Ofcourse it does not take into account many factors, but it takes into account most of those factors that ordinary people will be looking at.

Ofcourse many of the people on the study were obese, but is it not the case that many people who go on low fat diets are obese, is that not why they go on low fat diets?

True, the study did not make a distinction between cis and trans fat, but most food tends to simply be labelled with total fat content, without any distinction between types of fat.

Is this report not saying that simply using food labelling to reduce fats will not be of much benefit to the average (including, maybe especially including) obese women.  That seems to me to be a very valid result.  Ofcourse, there are many things the study does not say, but that is very different from saying that the study has nothing valid to say.