Is the 'flu vaccine safe for pregnant women?

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Is the 'flu vaccine safe for pregnant women?
« on: 14/11/2010 15:30:02 »
Ricardo Hernandez  asked the Naked Scientists:
Hi Dr. Chris,

My wife is pregnant and she is very worried about the influenza vaccination, she got it this week and she read in the Internet that could be harmful for the baby . In Internet you can find information about mercury in all vaccinations.

Is it safe to get influenza vaccination for pregnant women?
Does vaccines contain mercury and what could be the effect on pregnant women?



What do you think?
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Is the 'flu vaccine safe for pregnant women?
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The amount of mercury that used to be in vaccines was never shown to be dangerous to adults or babies and mercury in vaccinations has now been completely eliminated in most vaccines, and greatly reduced in ones that still have some so that people won't be concerned.

There is some risk involved with any medication, vaccine, or medical procedure, but what is important to know is the risk if you avoid them? Besides the deaths of moms and their unborn and born babies due to getting the flue, people exposed before they were born, for example, have a higher rate of heart disease, and the chance of getting schizophrenia is three times greater.