Allergic to chicken, turkey, and egg yolks?

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Allergic to chicken, turkey, and egg yolks?
« on: 16/11/2010 19:35:59 »
Chicken antibiotics may be the reason.  The US started heavily using them around 1980.  That's when I my throat started swelling just after eating.  Saliva would get ridiculously thick, back would tighten up, and I would have major pain a second or so after trying to swallow.  Typical allergic response would alleviate the symptoms (if really bad) otherwise, about a half hour of rest the symptoms would diminish.

Some mayonnaises, Hagen Daas ice cream, scrambled eggs would cause some discomfort.  Typically bread, cake, other things cooked with eggs would not be a problem.

It's hard to find information about this allergy - I stumbled upon the idea in 2006 while in Mexico where I had Flaun, not realizing it was packed with egg yolk.  Mexico egg farmers are different than those in the US - producing eggs without the use of broadcast antibiotics.

Try drug-free chickens, turkeys and eggs!  but be careful... you're placing a lot of faith that the company stands by it's claim!  I've had no problems with the organic chicken broth from Wolfgang Puck - and it's opened a world of options with cooking!


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Allergic to chicken, turkey, and egg yolks?
« Reply #1 on: 17/11/2010 07:07:19 »
Allergies are certainly no yoke.
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