Mass/Energy Interconversion - the cool method.

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Mass/Energy Interconversion - the cool method.
« on: 21/11/2010 12:15:38 »
Whilst watching Star Trek a few decades ago (with regards to energy via matter/antimatter) it suddenly occurred to me (crank moment) that if matter and energy (photons) are really the same type of thing, only differing in singularity class composition with according trans-geometric wavestate characteristics. It naturally seemed to this nut, potentially, this could be a feasible means to convert one to the other without all those di-Lithium jobs.  [:o)]

My almost instant idea was to destabilise the higher catergory wavicles by simply reducing their energy - to a point where they couldn't sustain their elevated dimensional form ...... I proposed to do this by some sort of 180 phase anti-harmonic means, whilst super-cooled @ near zero K. My crank logic suggested;- for an atomic system, certain wavelengths of EM can create via absorption, a higher energy scheme - why not the converse?

My mass/energy conversion technique was thus duly born. 

Edit;- how about that for a 'cool' concept? [^]