Cosmic Structure?

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Cosmic Structure?
« on: 21/11/2010 21:07:49 »
We see superclusters forming mass filaments along the 'edges' of poincare-like manifolds - the seemingly dodecahedral structures present in our universe may have been created via simple geometric 'kissing' surfaces (sphere packing) where these edges represent zones of minimum energy, I propose it was here that matter condensed.

Void centres within our universe may represent primary 'decay' nodes from the collapse of a progenitor wavicle, into 'offspring' of lower dimensional order. If voids that exist in our universe start from a central point (in relation to superclustering as per dodecahedral substructure), then these central points are very likely to be ultra-massive black holes. Proof of these would involve looking across space from our part of the universe, through the extrapolated point representing our void centre ..... outwards, beyond to the far side filament superclusters.

My prediction is;- A huge gravitational lensing job would be seen.