Why do dying people sometimes talk to loved ones who have already passed.. ?

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Pardon the morbidity in this post and know I am asking just to know or hear other explanations.I know spiritually at least for me what this encompasses, but in a scientific manner can someone explain the physiology behind this type of death experience?

Are their Scientific based explanations to help me understand the bodies reaction to these things and the calming I have seen in the final moments of life.. Things like very labored breathing before the end turning to calm peaceful quiet breathing the final hour or so..and
is this common with any death or are they each different in their final moments? Then there are visions and or conversations with deceased loved ones about passing over or allowing oneself to let go of life and relinquish the anxiety of death.. followed by a very peaceful serenity..?

Can any of you doctors or anyone help me to understand the way the body shuts down and what is happening in the body and brain during the final hours of death?
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