What made my friend smell?

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What made my friend smell?
« on: 23/11/2010 15:30:02 »
sjdavidian76 asked the Naked Scientists:
This  is a true story.

I have a friend who went out drinking at the bar one night. I'm guessing he had probably been drinking all day as well. He probably had a very high blood alcohol.

He started dancing at the bar and got really sweaty. His shirt was soaked with sweat. While busting a dance move he spilled his Lemon Drop cocktail all over his sweat soaked shirt.

Instantly a God-awful sulphur smell started coming from him. I thought he pooped his pants, but he didn't. The smell got so bad that it started filling the bar and people were freaking out.

He had to take his shirt off and put it in a bag. I'm guessing his sweat had a lot of ammonia in it, but what chemical reaction could have happened by the sweat mixing with the Lemon Drop to make a sulphur smell?

This question has been bothering me for years.

What do you think?
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What made my friend smell?
« Reply #1 on: 26/11/2010 08:27:03 »
I have no idea what was in the mints but sweat can contain sulfonyl compounds as per:
newbielink:http://www.news-medical.net/news/2004/10/07/5398.aspx [nonactive]


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What made my friend smell?
« Reply #2 on: 28/12/2010 04:07:35 »
Body odour? A strong one? Other than that I couldn't think of any theories other than the one chemrox suggested.
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What made my friend smell?
« Reply #3 on: 29/12/2010 11:54:20 »
I think you asked this question before and are still having nightmares about it?