How do antibiotics affect a newborn's gut flora?

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Jeff Klingel

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How do antibiotics affect a newborn's gut flora?
« on: 27/11/2010 12:30:10 »
Jeff Klingel  asked the Naked Scientists:
I am a huge fan of your show. I listen to about three episodes a week and should be caught up to date with your production soon.

One of the questions you answered a few months back was about the introduction of stomach flora to a newborn.

My question is this.

If a young child, 12 months or so, is on a daily low dose of antibiotics, how does this affect the the 'bugs' in her stomach?

Does it kill or suppress them? If so how can these 'bugs' be reintroduced into the gut?

What would the potential effects of not having these bugs present?

Thanks a lot

Jeff from Virginia USA.

What do you think?
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