How does a drinking straw work?

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How does a drinking straw work?
« on: 30/10/2013 20:38:30 »
When you sip a beverage through a straw, what exactly is going on inside your mouth to create the suction strong enough to bring up the liquid?
I know it doesnt have anything to do with breathing, because i could breathe just fine when i used the straw (ha ha no i didn't inhale the pop). It just seems so natural, I never really considered just how it works...
Asked by abby

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What happens in your mouth when you use a straw?
« Reply #1 on: 27/11/2010 17:51:14 »
With your lips closed around the straw you lower your tongue and open your jaw a little to reduce the pressure in your mouth. Just do it and pay close attention. The liquid is forced up the straw into your mouth because the air pressure on the surface of the liquid in a glass is now greater than that in your mouth.


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« Reply #2 on: 07/06/2015 18:30:56 »
that was a pleasing answer really helped me..........thank you very much