How do animals differentiate gender?

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How do animals differentiate gender?
« on: 03/12/2010 11:30:57 »
It's all very well for some, where the difference is visibly obvious, look:

Mr Lion

And Mrs Lion

Mr Peacock

Sorry, my mistake;
Mr Peacock

Mrs Peacock Peahen

Mr Human
Me in my earlier years wife's dreams.

Mrs Human
My Mrs...... In my dreams!

Well, there's always the exception!

Mr Robin

Mrs Robin

Ah ha! You see, Mr and Mrs Robin are identical. There is no visual difference between them. Now Mr Robin may be the great songster, but if he doesn't feel in the mood for a song, how do they tell each other apart? Can they see something we can't or is it a chemical thing?

And, of course, Robins aren't the only one's where there is no visual difference.
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How do animals differentiate gender?
« Reply #1 on: 03/12/2010 19:22:15 »
Similar colored markings, but sitting side by side you will notice the female is less bright in color. She needs not have to attract a male the male needs to attract the female.

Like in most species.
He chases her until she decides and catches him!

Males are most likely to be more brilliant...that is in colorful view

If you hear a robin early in the morning and it is singing, it is a male American robin. The female does make certain chirping sounds, but they are used for communication. She uses them to locate the male and to warn him of approaching predators. But the male is the song bird, and while the young robins are still in the nest, they will make loud chirping sounds along with the father.


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How do animals differentiate gender?
« Reply #2 on: 10/12/2010 03:37:55 »
I'm sure there are a variety of cues that animals use...

Why you may think that "All robins look the same"...  are you sure the same is true for how a robin views its brethren?

Many mammals certainly use the sense of smell...  especially for males finding a receptive female.  It is possible there are other cues with the smell.

The innate need for reproduction would certainly favor those who could select mates of the proper sex in the proper species.