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What is the treatment for molluscum contagiosum?

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I got molluscum about 3 months ago, at first i thought it was just a pimple on by butt so i picked at it and needless to say it spread and i continued to shave and spread it all over my pelvic region the dermatologist said to leave it alone and it would go away.  I used vinegar it seemed to work some but it burned more each time I did it, it became very painful and it always came back after the scabs fell off.  I tried valcylovir, it didn't work at all!  I tried emuaid but it was so expensive i kept running out of product right when it started looking better and it would come back.  Do NOT use NAIR when you have this, it was like throwing gasoline on the fire!!!!  The only thing that seems to work really well for me was cimentidine (tagament)  I have been using it for 9 days and they are all gone on the pelvic region and just have a few bumps on my thighs where i shaved my legs, i couldn't take it anymore, DO NOT SHAVE if you can help it!  you have to take 30-40mg of cimentidine per kg of body weight so you have to figure out what your weight is in kg and then times that number by 30-40mg and that gives you the dosage.  i took 3 pills in the morning 3 at lunch and 4 before bed because i weigh about 51kg.  this is the only thing that helped me, i was starting to scar really bad from the vinegar treatments.  I found a website for dermatologists and they were posting each other about treatments for molluscum contagiosum and MOST of them said they use TAGAMENT but the dosage has to be high enough.  they said it usually takes a month for and adult to get all lesions gone, kids are less and easier to cure.  Molluscum was ruining my life!

Apple Cider Vinegar worked PERFECTLY and FAST for me. I only had under a dozen, but man was I impressed with it. Just used the cotton ball method overnight for one night, but used a lot to make sure they got killed.

My daughter has had molluscum for over 6 months and we couldn't get rid of it, after reading on here about tea tree oil we tried it in a carrier oil, (olive oil) and it has been a miracle cure for it, almost 3 weeks in she only has two spots left to heal, she had over 50 of them all over her body, we tried so many different lotions and potions before hand, this remedy cost very little and has been effective without any hassle to use and my daughter enjoyed treating herself by dabbing it on the spots with a cotton bud/Q-tip.


--- Quote from: pyrotalk on 06/02/2012 21:04:06 ---These critters are awful.. I still have them after 3 years and they still dont go away.. Recently, i went full core because they started appearing on my stomach and chest. Because of a large area, i am putting 2.5% BP all over and they are itching and inflammed. This is a good sign except i am worried i can get hypo or hyperpigmentation.
-Spot treat with zymaderm, totally useless
-spotted treated them with lemon myrtle but didnt do much. Smell is very strong, i diluted up to 23% with avocado oil which is toxic. But didnt see much results
- Next 10% BP, this works amazing on small ones but the ones that formed the head, it is useless. Though i read that i should be popping them.. I will try that because derm's visits are costing a ton
-Next, 0.05% tretinoid. This is mixed results. I tried it on one spot and alternating with BP and it caused a dark hyperpigmentation which it freaked me out. But it does work or at least a combination of both tretinoid and BP

I am also using 2% salicylic lotion all over my body and this is causing itching and inflamation on the infected areas.. This has put a big dent in my sex life, the fear of spreading to innocent people... But it is exactly how i got it.. Someone purposely infected me with his finger.

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Try tea tree oil mixed in a carrier oil such as olive oil, it worked wonders on my daughter, we had tried lots of different things before this and none worked, I mixed it 2.5ml of teatree oil to 10ml of olive oil, 3 weeks later she has only a couple of spots left to heal and no new ones have appeared in over a week!


--- Quote from: yonowantmc on 20/03/2012 22:55:32 ---How old are you Morgana?

My boyfriend was just diagnosed with MC, and I of course freaked out! Anyways, we would frequently share the same towel so that may be one of the major reasons I have it. I have it at the top of my inner thighs and now I'm freaking out because I think I have it on my face. My doctor prescribed Retin-A micro has anyone had success with this prescription?

This is the worst thing ever especially for someone who suffers from anxiety problems life myself, the added stress is NOT needed. Someone help!! :(

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try teatree oil mixed in a carrier oil such as olive oil, 2.5ml teatree to 10ml olive oil, worked like a miracle cure for us, gone in 3 weeks, no new spots have appeared


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