High Cholesterol Limits?

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High Cholesterol Limits?
« on: 18/02/2006 23:47:09 »
I was wondering if there has ever been any studies based on the ethnicity of individuals and high cholesterol. I am a 45 year old hispanic man with mexican ancestry and have had high cholesterol since the first day I was tested in 1981. I'm talking above 250 total cholesterol and recently >300. I have always been very active and healthy. I run marathons, do triathlons, and cycle. I recently had a cardiac catherization to check my blood vessels because my doctor recommended it. No blockage was found. My heart was great, my vessels were clean. I started on vytorin about 3 months ago and my cholesterol has been 193 on recent test. Who actually sets the 200 limit for cholesterol - the drug companies? Is destroying my liver and kidneys using this medication worth the benefits of lowering my cholesterol? Where can I go on the net for more discussion on this. I personally think the whole medical industry has it wrong when it comes to total cholesterol as the direct culprit for heart disease. I think it's a scam by the drug companies to sell more drugs.


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Re: High Cholesterol Limits?
« Reply #1 on: 19/02/2006 00:41:40 »
Hi agapito,welcome to the forum,
i myself had a heart attack on 5 dec 05,this was caused by a piece of cholesterol getting stuck in an artery feeding the left side of my heart,i am now fine thanks to cholesterol busting drugs,if they are damaging my liver and kidneys i am prepared to take that risk,i have a beautiful wife and a 2 year old daughter,and hope to live a long life now,i am 50 now,so ive got plenty of miles on the clock.[;)]

its the drugs,y-know.



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Re: High Cholesterol Limits?
« Reply #2 on: 20/02/2006 14:19:05 »
Hi Agapito,
one NASA scientist agrees with you:-
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