Would an Ice Volcano be a Good Place for a Probe?

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LukaSportInjury asked the Naked Scientists:
If Titan has ice volcanoes, would this not be a good route for probes to enter?

What do you think?
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Would an Ice Volcano be a Good Place for a Probe?
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Assuming the Ice Volcano has a clear opening to the surface...  and liquid water, it would be an excellent place to enter the crust of the moon.  And an thermally active area would also be an excellent place to look for microbial life. 

However, I can imagine the volcanoes would have extraordinary turbulence.  There is about a 1:30 Light Hour difference between Earth and Saturn.  So, active remote control of a probe would be impossible from Earth.  It would have to have most of its own artificial intelligence direction capabilities. 

I would think it would be good to also explore in a more quiescent area.

Would a radioisotope thermal drill be ethical to use?