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« on: 27/02/2006 05:31:28 »
I just saw this show on Animal Planet about parasite worms. And people who have them dont even know it.

So I got a little worried, because when i was a lil kid. The first time I rode in a car I got car sick and when I got out i puked up a long round worm about 6 inches.
Was never treated so is there a good chance I still have it? Been about 12 years since that happened.


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Re: Worms
« Reply #1 on: 03/03/2006 15:28:50 »
Do you mean tape worm or round worm?

I think it's highly unlikely that the worm still reside in you body, with parasite the method of reproduction and replication is tricky to say

The eggs of the worms could be dormant and slowly developing inside your GI tract, but note that the human GI tract is actually a very hostile environment pack full of commensal bacteria and it's likely to outcompete any other foreign organism.

If it is still present there should be some symptoms related to presence of parasitic worms in your body, such as hungriness and fatigue as the parasite feeds off your food.

Parasite is not my major, I'm more of a bacteria person, if anyone has more information please post it up.