Vibrating muscles after exercise...

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Vibrating muscles after exercise...
« on: 13/01/2011 21:39:07 »
I do Tae Kwon Do, and sometimes after i exercise, with warm up, stretching etc. my muscles start to shake, or vibrate.

I would like to know what (on a physiological level) is happening.

When i say vibrate, i dont meen like i'm fitting, but just a twitchy vibrate.

It happens in the following situations:
If i stretch to my max, i feel twitching.
Afterward, it i try to work and do some typing my hands sometimes shake a bit (just a little).
You see if if someone pushes hard on something, e.g. i remember my DT teacher telling us not to push hard when using a scalpel (your hand shakes) - Try it.

Hope this makes sense.

Biological Sciences - University of Leicester, England.