What causes a dermoid cyst?

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What causes a dermoid cyst?
« on: 19/01/2011 18:30:05 »
TS asked the Naked Scientists:
Good Day Chris
Kindly advise,
I would like to know what causes a Dermoid.

My son was born with a Dermoid-in his left eye , which we were advised by a Dr to await for him atleast  turn 6/8months to operate on it.

To my surprise, after the operation was done, when we went back to have the bandage removed, as he told us that the eye will have gone back to normal the Dr seemed a bit surprised (having observed from his facial expression) that it did not result as he had confirmed prior the bandage removal.
We asked him if any reason as to why the eye had not totally opened as normal, he started becoming evasive and we could never get direct answers.

I believe he damaged the eye lid muscle during the op and I do not know nor are we getting answers if it could ever come right.

Instead referred us to several specialists, in Sandton and other areas of Joburg.  None of them could give a comprehensive diagnosis, nor explain what may have gone wrong from the initial operation.

But when we asked for the copy of the file for referral, the secretary blatantly refused, they were very dodgy with excuses not to furnish a complete file.

Thus, it seemed some of the information had been omitted from what we ultimately received after a hassle.
That first doctor had said that the dermoid would grow back once he turns or rather towards turning eleven years of age, but it re-occurred a year later and is still growing towards covering half the cornea.
We were then advised to take him to St Johns eye hospital in the south of Joburg.  The first thing they checked was the file, specifically the Dr who removed that growth initially.
AND THEN, the next thing I just observed and over heard the doctor  we were consulting with calling his colleagues to check the dr's name and the history file.
And immediately each one of them would start shaking their heads and would shy away from me without a word.
Then I kept on taking him to ST Johns for treatment and months later they also did an op which they called a "sling elavator"
He was then given spectacles and eye patches
He was to put on the spectacles for at least 4hrs a day during playtime / activities, with an eye patch covering the normal eye so as to train the sling not to end up being a lazy eye.

Its been over a year once again and nothing is coming right with his eye; his eyesight is deteriorating and when he attempts to focus on a tiny particle or a picture, he has to draw the book much closer in order to have a normal view.

Dr kindly advise or refer us.  I'm concerned about my son's self esteem being affected as he grows older amongst the other kids who are bound to tease him for his lazy eye.

What do you think?
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