Are aluminium cooking pots safe?

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Are aluminium cooking pots safe?
« on: 20/01/2011 08:30:03 »
Dudley Bennet  asked the Naked Scientists:
Hi Chris,

We use a three-legged, large cast iron pot to cook a stew during a barbecue.

However, we now have a similar large three-legged pot which has been cast in aluminium.

My question is, will the aluminium cause any adverse problems during the cooking process and be poisonous in any way ?
We prefer the aluminium pot as it is so much lighter and easier to work with, but have heard rumours the metal is not good for ones health when cooking food.
Dudley Bennet

What do you think?
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Are aluminium cooking pots safe?
« Reply #1 on: 20/01/2011 08:43:13 »
Aluminium has excellent heat spreading characteristics.

Aluminium has been found in Plaques and Tangles in Alzheimer's patients.  There have been several inconclusive studies to find a causative effect though.  Some people claim it is prudent to cut back on aluminium, others don't.

The decision is up to you.  Some people are at least not regularly using aluminium cookware, although many things like skillets are still made out of aluminium.

One other note.

In the USA, Baking Powder is made with aluminium, although there are some non-aluminium varieties that also don't have the bitter taste that the aluminium powders have.


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Are aluminium cooking pots safe?
« Reply #2 on: 21/01/2011 06:11:55 »
My father studiously avoided aluminum cookware, and as far as I know ate no notable amount of baked goods made with aluminum based leavening; but he got Alzheimer's disease anyway.  (An observation that has the statistical value of a single uncontrolled sample).