Parents: What would you do if you found out that your child had taken drugs?

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Preferably cannabis?, What would you do or say to them? They are of a age where they are able to make their own decisions btw.


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Well no point lecturing them. I would explain it is not something I approve of, like smoking and tell them not to do it anywhere near the house.
I would also stop any allowance I gave them. Mean huh?
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Well no point lecturing them.

Agreed, not just pointless, but probably counterproductive.

So, erm....... How about give them a smack? Oh no, they've already got some.

How about...... "Oooo, cannabis! Gis a joint." That should stop them bringing it home at least.

Seriously, I would obviously be concerned, but what can you do about it? There would little point in insulting their intelligence by lecturing them, besides, they probably know more about it than you. It would be hypocritical for me to lecture, since I tried the old herbals when I was much younger. I hasten to add, they did little or nothing for me, so I didn't bother with them any more.
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Agreed that lecturing is probably counter productive
Express concerns about the potential consequences of getting caught.
Express concerns that any white powder or tablet could be any white powder or tablet and not necessarily drugs.


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If you want to make an "impression"....
Start EARLY.

The basic values that one teaches a 5 yr old will impact the rest of their lives.

Also, lead by example.  If you don't want your kids sitting down on the couch with a beer and cigarette, then don't do it yourself.

Children who's parents smoke are about twice as likely to smoke than those whose parents don't (I'm surprised, I would have thought it would be more).  I'm sure parents who smoke weed, or are otherwise permissive of it would also influence children smoking weed.

Beyond that...  I think one should keep everything in perspective.  I wouldn't approve of smoking weed...  but it certainly isn't the worst thing in the world either, as long as the practice is restricted to the occasional social occasion, and doesn't involve other drugs including injections.   [xx(]

Also, keep in mind that many employers in the USA are now testing for drugs, so a drug habit could have serious negative influences on future employment.