Natural pesticides are permitted in organic agriculture.

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Victor Jensen  asked the Naked Scientists:
I know this is a bit picky, but Sarah made an error during last week's podcast (I'm a week behind).

You were talking about organic chemicals and she mentioned that organic food is grown without pesticide. You'll find that while some, perhaps most organic farmers try to stay away from pesticides, a large number use natural pesticides (e.g. Chrysanthemums).

So to be correct, as I know you always strive to be, one should say organic food is grown without synthetic pesticides, a much different statement. I try to correct this whenever I see/hear it as like you, I wish for people to be properly informed. For some reason this common misconception persists.

Perhaps a show idea?

I'm a big fan by the way!

Victor Jensen

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Natural pesticides are permitted in organic agriculture.
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It's worth pointing this issue out when you see it.

Some certification bodies, such as the soil association, still permit the use of heavy metal (copper) based fungicides.
The idea seems to be that natural things are good but synthetic ones are not.
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