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Some corrections...
« on: 07/02/2011 08:30:03 »
Neuro.Physiotherapy  asked the Naked Scientists:
Dear Team,

Firstly, your efforts at informing the world about science in an easy to understand way is magnificent. I am in Australia and it is 4 in the morning.

To help you maintain your great standard, I will give you some corrections.

Over the last 30 years I have noticed a change in the pronouncements- not just pronunciation- in the media of  red blood CORPUSCLES. When I did science, the definition was CORPUSCLE because it was an anuclear structure. We always referred to it this way. As an older guy, I groan every time that I read or hear it referred to as a cell. It was when it was abbreviated to RBC that the uneducated started to refer to it as a CELL.

The other issue is, can the team please refer to the SI unit km as kilo- metre and not ki-lometre. There is not a choice between two pronunciations. Try saying ki-LOGRAMS or mi-LLIMETRES.
The SI unit of the joule and not the calorie
The SI unit of celsius and not centigrade.
I know that it is difficult to break habits, but you are broadcasting to many listeners around the world and by making a few adjustments you may also help educate our American friends in the use of SI units and pronunciation.

Keep up the great work.

Yours sincerely,

Cameron Greig

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