What causes weak enamel in children?

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Delia Sala

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What causes weak enamel in children?
« on: 07/02/2011 09:30:03 »
Delia Sala asked the Naked Scientists:
Hi Chris,

My gorgeous little boy Louis is four and recently visited the dentist(!)

Louis has some tooth decay and the dentist has told us his teeth have weak ('defective') enamel and that this is something that is determined 'in-utero' when the baby is being formed.

He said it's not a genetic thing, more something to do with my health/diet etc during the pregnancy.

Do you know if there is any research that illuminates the causes of weak enamel in children? I am a fairly anxious person and exercised a lot during the pregnancy as well as worrying about my weight - my partner and I both had / have 'defective' teeth as well (if past dental bills are any indication).

The dentist didn't go into too much detail, but said not to feel guilty and seemed to imply that the causes of weak enamel in children were varied and hard to definitively identify. Do you know if there is any interesting research or new findings in this area?

I hear your show via Fran/Breakfast on Radio National (in Brisbane, Australia) and it is always such a pleasure to listen to and so interesting.

Thanks and bye,


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