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Delete Toolbars
« on: 09/02/2011 00:52:40 »
I have a VISTA 7 program in my 2 yr. old computer. I would like to delete some of the toolbars that might help get rid of speed and connection problems. Trouble is I don't remember which ones I added and which the purchasing company added. I know  some belong on my computer and others I am not sure if I can delete without harm.Several of the programs are Realtek and Site Ranker.Is there a computer dictionary that will give me meanings of computer terminology and lists of programs and their purpose?   


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Delete Toolbars
« Reply #1 on: 15/02/2011 08:45:22 »
If you are using internet explorer (IE) internet browser there is a version of IE you can run without browser add-ons like toolbars, (you don't have to uninstall/delete anything), it is in "System Tools" in "Accessories"


If running the version of IE without add-ons gives you quicker access to the internet then one of your browser addons is causing a problem. (You can find out which by a process of elimination).

If IE without addons does not improve matters then the problem lies elsewhere, (e.g. internet traffic jam).

NB: always make a backup copy of all of your computer's hard drive on an external hard drive before you uninstall (delete) anything so you can go back to the previous state if you make a mistake.

BTW#1 Realtek make sound cards: If you delete any Realtek software you may lose the sound on your computer.

BTW#2 no such thing as "VISTA 7", it's either "Vista" or its successor "Windows 7".

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