Missed something important

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Missed something important
« on: 09/02/2011 04:50:32 »
In the QOTW about e-cards vs real cards, they missed part of the proses. The energy in making the card was considered but it assumed the paper was already prepossessed. You need to consider the energy required to cut down the tree, prepare the tree for transport (cutting it up) transport the tree to the paper mill and then turn the tree into paper.

Also the scientist stated that some energy would be recovered by recycling. Sorry to say that's wrong. While recycling the card to make more paper will require less energy than making virgin paper it will still COST energy, so no recovery.

The amount of energy used to send a snail-mail letter compared to an e-mail is HUGE when you consider the entire line from a tree in the woods to your mailbox. Not only that but how do you need to consider the carbon the tree would have absorbed had it not been cut down.
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