Time vs. matter

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Time vs. matter
« on: 14/02/2011 18:52:03 »
Conservation of Nothingness

If time has an origin, is it possible that "negative" time exists in an equal-but-opposite universe?  Furthermore, perhaps there is an absence of time in the absence of mass, and vice-versa.

In this view, whatever state exists at a point in the "negative" time vector in an antiuniverse directly offsets, in an equal and opposite fashion, the state of matter and energy along the positive time vector in a positive universe.  There could be an infinite number of these equal-but-opposite pairs, which amount to -- essentially -- nothing.  A conservation of nothingness.

At a quantum level -- perhaps sub-atomic particles have such small mass as to be at the very edge of existence. Schrodinger's cat, for example, is at this edge.

If new matter is created at this sub-atomic level, and is created at a constant rate (according to our position on the time vector) then
energy would be conserved in the universe if we understood entropy to lead to...that is a different discussion.

However, if one infinitely-small unit of positive energy can be paired with an equal-but-opposite negative unit so that the result is nothingness, then why not an infinitely large amount of "positive" energy paired with an offsetting amount of "negative" energy?  If time is associated directly with mass -- and not energy -- then there is an interesting question to answer about the nature of time in its relation only to mass. 

Our universe (plus its antipartner) could simply be a permutation of "nothingness". 

Zero sum.  This strongly supports my belief in predeterminism.  Philosophically, I find reassurance in this idea in times of stress.  It's a beautiful possibility.

In summary: "E Omnis Nihilum" ..or thereabouts.

Please, can anyone recommend any good reading supporting the IDEA of Conservation of Nothingness?  I am sure someone has explored this -- somewhere.

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Re: Time vs. matter
« Reply #1 on: 14/02/2011 19:07:55 »
Theory of everything is nothing. [:D]


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Re: Time vs. matter
« Reply #2 on: 15/02/2011 16:18:35 »
Well, if you want to read about time you better look at entropy and time, just go to arXiv. Negative time is something I don't know about, if you instead discussed SpaceTime and suggested that the whole of SpaceTime could 'contract' then that would include 'time'. Anyway, if you look at 'new theories' you can present your idea there. Take a look at arXiv for what people think about time. Google on it.
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