How does time dilation work?

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How does time dilation work?
« on: 15/02/2011 23:15:31 »
My friend and I decide to test relativity with fast movement. We decided to use a space ship (well not really) that can go from 0 to .90 C in 1 tenth of a second (Ferrari called looking at using this for their cars). She set off at exactly 2two o'clock and would call out the time every hour. At three o'clock she'll be .9 light hours away so when should get her three o'clock report? At 3:56, or will it be much later?

I realized I made a mistake. I meant that I'd hear my friend reporting "3:00" .9 hours late (as she'd be .9 light hours away) or four minutes to 4:00.
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Re: How does time dilation work?
« Reply #1 on: 16/02/2011 09:40:28 »
An interactive Minkowski diagram. And for those finding that one a little 'messy' :) Try this one first. Guide to Einstein's Relativity.
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