How many different types of germs have been identified by science?

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How many different types of germs have been identified by science?  And how many of these are classified as animal cells and plant cells?  I am familiar with virus, bacteria, protozoa, amoebas  and a few others but have been unable to get a definitive answer to my question.  Thanks for comments.  Joe L. Ogan


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everything which is infectious or disease causing is termed as germ in common language. germs are not classified in animal or plant kingdom. they have there own kingdom like Kingdom Monera which include Algae and bacteria, kingdom Protista which include Protozoa and kingdom fungi which include fungi. out of these three kingdoms, some organisms spread diseases and infections while some do not. like bacteria and virus are considered as germs while some proteins like Prions and cell free Naked DNA are not germs but can cause diseases. fungal spores and some algae can also be infectious.
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