Do Neutron Stars Continue The Fusion Reaction After Formation

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What process is taking place inside a neutron star to account for the x ray and gamma ray photons being emitted?


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Purely the surface temperature of these bodies (around one million degrees K)  and the thermal energy of the matter they contain  Just like white dwarf stars they have no internal energy sources other than gravitational collapse and spend many times the current age of the universe just cooling down.  There is also a small some energy associated with tiny changes in the position of their surface crust or small quantities of material falling onto them.   Neutron stars are a few miles across and are likely to be almost optically smooth on their surfaces.  A small patch collapsing by one micron could produce a tremendous burst of energy.
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Neutron stars can also be the sources of highly energetic radiation when matter spirals in from its accretion disc.  The speed matter can reach when spiralling into a small super-dense sphere like a black hole is immense - and collisions are hugely energetic
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