How do magnets alter magnetic fields?

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Shawn Wilson

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How do magnets alter magnetic fields?
« on: 01/03/2011 00:30:03 »
Shawn Wilson  asked the Naked Scientists:
I learned in school a bar magnet has a positive and negative side and that if the magnet were cut in two the cut side of the magnet would instantly become the oppositely polarized side.

First, how much does the polarization of the metal in the magnet have to do with surrounding magnetic fields?

Second, the more I think about this, it seems that the polarization of the magnet wouldn't change if it were cut and that the proximity to the other half of the magnet would just effect the magnetic field. Is this correct?

Great show, thanks,

Shawn Wilson

What do you think?
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How do magnets alter magnetic fields?
« Reply #1 on: 01/03/2011 23:19:44 »
Cutting a bar magnet in half does not affect the magnetic energy stored in the structure of the material it is just that the way we observe the fields of the two half magnets when they have been separated from each other that means we observe the extra poles on the parts of the half pieces that were joined together.
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