Can you have two pairs of twins in one pregnancy?

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Jacob Mann

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Jacob Mann asked the Naked Scientists:
If females can produce two egg cells at times, then two sperm cells create fraternal twins, can they split into two pairs of the same fraternal twins?

What do you think?
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Yes nowadays itís possible to have two pairs of twins in one pregnancy. Although it seems strange how one pregnancy can result in more than one baby, but now with the advancement in technology and medicine everything is possible. Here are few ways to conceive multiples:

With more than one ovulation or by releasing multiple eggs that can be possible with or without fertility drugs, you can have twins.

By using successful IVF process in which usually three or more fertilized eggs transferred back into the uterus. A recent experience of having twins through IVF has happened in Ohio where couples underwent this treatment with embryo round-the-clock monitoring by an EmbryoScope present at

It is a device which helps fertility specialists to choose right embryos that can give successful pregnancy and birth.