What are cobwebs and dust bunnies?

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Bill Hershey

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What are cobwebs and dust bunnies?
« on: 02/03/2011 13:30:02 »
Bill Hershey  asked the Naked Scientists:
Dear Chris,

As I listen to your excellent podcast and others while cleaning up and doing chores around the house, this question is staring me right in the face:  What is the composition of cobwebs and dust bunnies, and how do they form?  Of course, cobwebs like to assemble in corners--even up high in a room--while dust bunnies congregate especially under furniture.  Can you please compare and contrast these two structures?

Thank you,
Bill Hershey
Bellaire, Michigan

What do you think?
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What are cobwebs and dust bunnies?
« Reply #1 on: 04/03/2011 09:38:12 »
Dust bunnies are dressed up gifts from the small but very happy gnomes, The substance of a dust bunny is made through felting and static electricity. "As static charges build up, dust bunnies can even become attracted to each other, creating a sort of super dust bunny which is extremely large." Hugh Hefner is/was? known to have several dust bunny's, as well as of the opposite sign. In households with lots of pets and humans having long hair, dust bunnies might become dangerously large , sometimes even entangled. Beware yourself, thread lightly, especially around fridges and stoves, as those may make them unpleasant to encounter as well as disagreeable to your senses.

Whereas our common genera of ordinary cobweb come from Mordor, size will tell there. All of this as my considered ultimately scientifically inclined response. There are some known remedies for spiders .

Recommended reading although remember to bring a broom, 'your Nations first line of defense' according to the Seals 'do it yourself/somewhere else manual'. 

by Brian Crane.
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What are cobwebs and dust bunnies?
« Reply #2 on: 04/03/2011 12:53:28 »
This a specific type of dust bunny called Underprinter Dustbunnies....they are akin to faeries !

They love to congregate underneath printers and drink lemonade ! One can often hear them playing and burping and most certainly giggling. Libraries are aware of them all the time because libraries are quiet. This is all true by the way.

Anyway, every day they congregate underneath your printer and sneak out when you're not looking and often play hide and seek in the gaps between the keys on the keyboard. If they have partaken of too much lemonade they can become wedged between the keys until they do a bottom burp. It's on this rare occasion that they may come into contact with the circuit beneath the key and it may be seen that words have been typed by your good self when in fact they have not. Because they are very translucent they are difficult to see but if your keyboard is infected then typing quickly may serve to release them. Be cautious though, fast typers will tickle the Underprinter Dustbunnies releasing many bottom burps. Some people mistake the aroma for the morning dew or the smell you get after a rainstorm....it's quite nice actually.

Fact is, they love to read forums. If you partake a lot in on-line forums then there is good chance that you have been " infected"....just leave them a marshmallow and a sugar cube and they will be filled with joy and glee.

It was in 1725 that the Earl Of Qwertshire wrote in his diary :

" I did partake of my daily duty and whilst choosing the vernacular of the missive that I doth inscribe I perchance to forsee a quaint elflike troll with wings and a grimace that bring forth joy with a loquacious stomach exhalation. There was not but one, but a cacophony of many such gleeful creatures "

This seems to be the first recorded event of such beings.

This is all true.
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