Scientific Misconceptions?

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Scientific Misconceptions?
« on: 06/03/2011 15:38:59 »
Scientifi Misconceptions.

Scientists have failed to retrofit later discoveries on well established theories. When space travel was established, many beliefs about space that scientists held were found to be in error, but these new discoveries were not applied to long held beliefs.
One such belief was that of gravity. Gravity was initially only viewed from being within its influence. We did not view it from space and it was believed that gravity was an attracting force.
To be an attracting force it would have to act inwards from within, which is an impossibility.
We now have the empirical evidence that gravity does not exist above the earth's atmosphere:-
We do not experience gravity when in orbit.
We do not experience gravity when at the space station.
When we fly to the moon, we escape the earth's gravity and do not encounter gravity again until we reach the moon, or return to earth.
If there is no gravity at the space station, then it is hardly likely to reach the moon.
There is no gravitational interaction between solar bodies for the same reason.
As a scientist said in the TV programme The Planets, "We believe that we understand gravity, but it is just a mathematical formula. We know nothing about gravity itself"
If scientists understood how gravity is created, they would be able to account for why all solar bodies rotate - instead of blaming it on an accident.
They would also be able to explain why all solar bodies both rotate and orbit in the equatorial plane, to form flat solar discs. Current theories do not account for why this happens.
The belief that all planets and moons were formed at the same time is also erroneous. How planets and their moons are created is still unknown to scientists and any "explanation" must account for all of these points, not just some of them.
All scientific cosmic theories depend heavily upon an attracting gravity. Without it, all of their explanations and theories would fail, especially "The Big Bang Theory".
I can assure you that gravity is a force that acts inwards from without and this is why its outer limit is bounded by the outer extension of our atmosphere, which is held in place by the same gravity

Another scientific misconception is that we get heat and light from the sun. Again, if we go above the earth's atmosphere, it is pitch black and extremely cold. Where has all the heat and light gone to?
The failure of scientists to understand energy and matter and the relationship between them has led to these misconceptions.
Energy has two parameters: positive and negative, or plus and minus
It is not hot or cold, or dark or light. These are effects and only exist in the manifested world
The negative aspect of energy is completely unknown to scientists. They believe that darkness is the absene of light and silence is the absence of sound.
The creation of light and darkness is due to the +ve and -ve aspect of energy.
When matter comes under the influence of +ve energy it it is excited into our visual range, which we call light. It also produce heat when resisted by matter.
Under the influence of the -ve energy, matter is not brought into our visual range and produces cold instead of heat.
All energy is electrical. All matter is maintained in an electrical circuit and just as we know that components in an electrical circuit produce heat commensurate with their resistance, so it is with +ve energy and matter. The heat is generated by the resistance of matter and does not exist in space.
The heat we feel with our bodies is created by our bodily resistance to energy. The dark or night -ve energy results in our feeling cold.
Maximum heat or cold is experienced with a clear sky, when maximum energy reaches our bodies.
Thus heat and light are not generated by the sun, it only provides the +ve or -ve energy that results in the effects produced by interaction with matter.
Albert Einstein spent the major part of his life attempting to find what he called "The Unified Field Theory". This he believed would result in a single common theory for everything.
The ancient name for this theory was "The Law of One" and there is irrefutable evidence that this law  was known in the past. There are various written details of this law, including symbols. The three symbols that give these details are known to all educated people, but none can translate these details today.
Scientists will never understand nature and the universe until they understand The Law of One.
In order to explain all of these things in detail, I need to give a lecture on the subject
I am willing to give a preview of the lecture before resources are allocated for the full lecture
If anyone can provide the lecture facilities, please contact me.
The lecture will need to be recorded so that I will not have to repeat the same lecture. Perhaps the BBC could provide this facility.   


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Scientific Misconceptions?
« Reply #1 on: 06/03/2011 17:52:11 »
Hm, I suspect TNS affiliation to BBC is a weaker one than what you might suspect. Perhaps if you took contact with them yourself? Or maybe you have?
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Scientific Misconceptions?
« Reply #2 on: 06/03/2011 18:31:00 »
Sorry Keith this is a load of total rubbish and only demonstrates that you do not understand (or possibly do not even wish to understand) the laws of physics.
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Scientific Misconceptions?
« Reply #3 on: 06/03/2011 18:44:55 »
Just as the first example of the fact that the first post here is nonsense,
"We now have the empirical evidence that gravity does not exist above the earth's atmosphere:-"
OK, so what stops satellites flying off into space?
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Scientific Misconceptions?
« Reply #4 on: 07/03/2011 00:25:12 »
Can't say I'm surprised really. This is what comes of people bandying about terms like "weightlessness" and "centrifugal force".  [:D]
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Scientific Misconceptions?
« Reply #5 on: 07/03/2011 16:08:41 »
Forget the lecture, why don't you email the president of physics.