I share my birthday with Aspirin!

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Auriol Britton

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I share my birthday with Aspirin!
« on: 10/03/2011 14:30:03 »
Auriol Britton asked the Naked Scientists:
Dear all at the naked scientist,

I was delighted to learn from your programme on Sunday night that I share the same birthday as the wonder-drug, Aspirin. I am 76 years younger than it! Even if you are prone to stomach trouble, this is a brilliant and very economical remedy, if used sparingly, with care. I think that Aspirin is sometimes unfairly denigrated as being outmoded and a major irritant, but it remains in my view one of the best drugs ever to have been invented. Some think it even helps them to sleep. I always knew I have the best birthday in the world!

Good broadcasting as always. Well done.

From Auriol

What do you think?
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