What determines the direction of rotation of a protostellar disk?

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SciencBoy asked the Naked Scientists:
Hi Nakeds,
What determined the clockwise or anticlockwise rotation of the proto-solar disk? Is there a relation to the direction of galactic rotation in which our solar system is embedded?
If so, what determined the direction of rotation of the galaxy? Could there be a relationship between the disproportionate excess of matter to antimatter in the known universe?
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Alan Schein

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As can easily be seen the solar system is not aligned with the galaxy.  There is also no particular reason for it to be so although there may be some statistical tendencies in this direction if we could measure a lot of solar systems.  This is rather a difficult thing to do.  The rotation of the solar system originates in residual angular momentum caused by turbulence in the cloud from which the solar system condensed.

It is interesting to note that a lot of work is being done to see if there are any statistical alignments in the rotation of galaxies.  These are much easier to measure.
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