Why should white vinegar repel mosquitoes?

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Jennifer Morgan

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Why should white vinegar repel mosquitoes?
« on: 11/03/2011 21:30:03 »
Jennifer Morgan  asked the Naked Scientists:
Hi Dr. Chris,

Greetings from Cape Town.

I am Jennifer Morgan.

This past Friday my husband John and I listened to your talk on malaria on the Redi radio show. We usually listen to you every Friday.
I am a painter, sculptor and author. I studied Fine Art at the Ruskin School of Drawing and Fine Art, Oxford University.
John and I lived in Toronto Canada on the Rouge River. It has an incredible Carolinian Forest. I have painted landscapes, riverscapes and seascapes wherever we have lived. However, when I decided to document the river and valley I found it impossible because of the incredible mosquito population. I looked at the availibility of products in various pharmacies. None would do.
I then decided to spray my exposed skin, including head and hair with pure white vinegar. This helped; however, the mosquitos still 'bit' me through my clothing. Then I asked John to spray my clothing. I found that spraying the skin and clothing helped. I also took the spray can filled with white vinegar with me just in case.

Sometimes I painted for over five hours. I painted on the river and in the valley for ten years and each time I used the white vinegar for protection against mosquitoes. Using this protection, not once did I get bitten by mosquitoes.
I watched the mosquitoes heading toward me. Then about two inches away they would make a U-Turn and fly away.
I thought you would be interested in this information for the fight against malaria. I was overwhelmed when you quoted the number of people who die each year. If you need more information, let me know. Please let me know what you think.
Kind regards,
Jennifer Morgan

What do you think?
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