If speed of light was 1mph, what would my trip to the coffee machine be like?

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Assuming my walking speed was slightly less then 1mph and the coffee machine was 130 feet away. I guess to others in my office I would disappear as I got out of my chair, a short time later I would reappear at the coffee machine as I stopped walking. To me I would instantly get to the coffee machine, with the office shrinking in the direction I am traveling to mere inches as I approached c??

I suppose if c was 1 mph all of this time dilation length contraction would seem so obviously natural.


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It would be a bit like trying to run in a swimming pool as normal walking pace is about 2-3mph you would find trying to walk that fast very hard work and fail.  The red shift and blue shift would be a bit disconcerting but it is unlikely you would disappear because you would always appear as a silhouette against the stationary background even if your own reflected light was to far into the infra red to be seen.    People off to the side would see you go very thin and flat because of lorenz contraction  As far as the time taken you would not notice anything odd except that the harder you pushed the quicker you got there but as you say the office would distort while you were moving.  there are some films showing what going along a road would be like.

this youtube video shows what you would see

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The rate of every physical process is determined by the speed of light. So you wouldn't notice anything different except that units of measure would be different. When you drive your car at normal highway speed, the speedometer might show 60 gezumps per hour, and the speed of light would be 186,000 gezumps per second. So 1 mile = 3600 x 186,000 gezumps.
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I guess the coffee would take a long time to brew with all the energy generating processes disturbed.


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If you were moving faster than the speed of light.
You should still be able to see things happening around you...  but there would be a time lag that would be very disconcerting. 

So, if somebody stepped in front of you, you wouldn't be able to see them until you crash into them.


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You shouldn't be able to move at all as that would cost you a infinite amount of energy accelerating up to that respectable velocity of One mile per hour. Or at least, depending on the distance to your coffee machine versus energy expended, it would take you a incredible amount of time as all distances would 'cost' a lot more to navigate when the light speed is 'down converted'.

But if you fastened a lot of incredibly powerful rockets to your office-chair I think I would go with Soul surfers description. And the ride should be interesting as that coffee machine should be pile of dust as you arrive in its distant future, depending on distance and energy expended.

It sure would wreck havoc on any office if it was this way.
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On a Friday afternoon it can appear that my office follows these rules - even the slowest movement requires almost infinite energy.  Until COB of course when the normal rules of physics reassert themselves
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It might look something like this simulator shows.


There are a few relativity simulators out there, I found a good one last year that shows distortions on different loadable objects, including a teapot, and (predictably) the starship enterprise.
It's not unlike a fish-eye lense effect.