Are the fumes from hot plastic dangerous?

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Annie Gawlak

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Are the fumes from hot plastic dangerous?
« on: 04/04/2011 17:30:02 »
Annie Gawlak  asked the Naked Scientists:
I have an art gallery in Washington, DC.  An artist is using it as his studio for 6 weeks.   During this time he is shredding a variety of plastic bags with an altered lawn mower.   The shreds are then composed on the floor.  When he arrives at a composition that pleases him he takes a large piece of greenhouse plastic, covers the shreds and then with the use of a waxed paper buffer and an iron he melts the shredded plastic onto the sheet of greenhouse plastic and there you have a painting. It then gets mounted on a stretcher and hung on the wall.

Are the fumes from this process toxic?  I am really worried for both our sakes,


What do you think?
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Are the fumes from hot plastic dangerous?
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Yeah I wouldn't be doing it in any great hurry if I were you.  I had a conversation with a fourteen year old about a week or so ago about why he shouldn't try to set his lunch box alight with a cigarette lighter.
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