What purpose does non-coding DNA have?

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What purpose does non-coding DNA have?
« on: 05/04/2011 02:30:02 »
@joesbaxter asked the Naked Scientists:
What purpose does non-coding DNA have other than regulation of transcription / translation?

What do you think?
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What purpose does non-coding DNA have?
« Reply #1 on: 05/04/2011 03:06:54 »
Telomeres also aid in the DNA Replication
Space between genes may hep with gene expression and transcription.
Where would our legal system be without the high variability in the non coding regions?

I'm trying to find data on whether crossovers occur within genes, or in non-coding regions, but don't see that data at this moment.

over time as an organism evolves, it will gain, loose, or mutate genetic material which would likely generate some unused genes, or otherwise generate some noncoding regions of DNA.  It is likely that it is easier for the organism to replicate everything than to evolve mechanisms to determine whether various regions are coding or noncoding.