Can new organs be grown from other tissue?

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Sophie Cowden

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Can new organs be grown from other tissue?
« on: 05/04/2011 07:30:02 »
Sophie Cowden asked the Naked Scientists:

Here's a question I have been wondering about.  Is it possible to grow a human trachea out of another organ or a rib or something? I was watching a show were a girl needs a new trachea and so they take a piece of her rib and harvest a new trachea and then replace her old one. Is that possible?


Sophie Cowden

What do you think?
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Can new organs be grown from other tissue?
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Bit of spare rib cartilage used to correct tracheal stenosis ...

I took a piece of the boy's rib cartilage and opened the trachea or windpipe, carefully sculpting the rib to fit exactly into the defect. The grafted rib was then sutured into place, making the repair airtight.

Replacement bladders have been grown in the lab ...

BBC 2009

Despite years of research, there has only ever been one voice box transplant in the US, and the patient still needed to breathe through a hole in his neck.

But now there is the possibility that improved stem cell technology could make it a possibility to develop a voice box for transplantation.

A similar technique was used last year to give Claudia Castillo an artificial windpipe. She was given a donated organ which was covered with her own stem cells to trick her body into thinking the organ was part of her. 

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