Where's the centre of the Universe?

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Barbara Myers

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Where's the centre of the Universe?
« on: 20/04/2011 10:25:38 »
Barbara Myers  asked the Naked Scientists:
Here's a question about the big bang.

Since the universe is expanding, it must come from a center point. Where is this point?


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What do you think?
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Where's the centre of the Universe?
« Reply #1 on: 20/04/2011 10:53:58 »
There is no 'point'.

Everything starts with time. That 'point' most probably wasn't inside our 'arrow of time'. And without time there can be no 'distance', neither can you find out the 'speed' of whatever there was. So from the perspective of a BB it had no specific 'place' inside our universe. Instead it was what made it, including both 'time' and 'distance'. If you in that idea include a faster than light inflation then that one didn't take any 'time' either, and didn't have any coordinate system to 'inflate' in. It's us that have 'time' and 'distance' and relative coordinate systems. And that we got with our universe, even though we can't say exactly when that arrow first intruded. One might assume that it came into play directly after the BB but, I don't think so myself. I'm guessing that the times arrow is something coupled to matter myself, not 'energy' per se.

But all the same, a universe from nothing, quite a bargain, don't you think :)
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