suggesting new method for treating HIV infections

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so we know that HIV virions bind to cell surface receptor CD4  and then will
survive inside these cells and destroy them in the end  etc need to
mention details.
so what if we engineer a particle (liposome is a good candidate for this)
which has the CD4 protein receptor ,gp120 and maybe gp41 on its surface. this
particle should be smaller than human cells but bigger than the virion size
of course. inside the particle we put very strong antiviral substance,maybe
RNase or something else it doesnt matter. so now we inject these particles
solution into the blood stream and what will happen is that:
- viruses that are free outside the cells will bind to the particles CD4,
enter then and will be killed by the toxic substance inside them. this way
they will compete with the T-cells in the body and dont let the viruses
infect them.
- for viruses that have already infected cells. the particle will also bind
to CD4+ cells since they contain the viral agonist on their surface and will
be engulfed inside the cells as if they were the real virus. inside the cells
those particles will kill the viruses by the same principle mentioned
previously, so that the viruses can no longer kill the CD4 cells and causes
their decline in number.

so what do you think ??.. by the way i am 22 years old and i am in my 3rd
year in med school, have 3 more left . but i was thinking if someone like me
have these kind of ideas ( and i have some more about treating some serious
diseases) what can you do with it ??