What makes organisms want to live?

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What makes organisms want to live?
« on: 30/04/2011 14:33:20 »
Biologically, what about organisms makes them want to live? And why do infertile organisms (like people) still want to live?
Having an infertile organism around to help other genes survive (like in one's family) seems likely, but wouldn't it be more economical to have the organism commit suicide or just die off? The infertile one would be using resources (such as food) that the other fertile organisms could otherwise be using to survive and reproduce. To me, it would make more sense for the genes allowing reproduction to be mixed with those of "wanting to live", so that if a mutation causes infertility, then the resources could be saved by having the infertile organism die. This sounds horrible to think about in society.

I understand that infertile organisms can benefit society and help out others' genes to propagate, but why does this happen instead of them just dying or committing suicide?