Database Design Based on Quantum Teleportation

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Database Design Based on Quantum Teleportation
« on: 01/05/2011 12:54:51 »
The base premise here is the assignment of an entangled particle to a data item.  The entangled pair of particles represents the relationship between two data items.  If we had Entangled pairs A + B and B + C.  This would represent three separate data items and ostensibly two separate relationships.  However from the quantum teleportation logic, if A is related to B and B is related to C, then A is automatically related to C.  This tells us we merely have to be aware of unique relationships between data items.  Discrete data items would only have to be stored one time in the database. We only need to generate additional space in the memory for new relationships between data items. Each data item would become a partitioned database unto itself. The quantum teleportation database structure would self-generate, and self-index on the fly. As a new stream of data items is ingested to the database, each data item would be defined as existent in the database, or as a new record.  All data items in each ingest record would generate one-to-one relationship patterns.  The patterns would be defined as existent in the database, or as a new relationship. Data item types benefiting from data hashing could generate a hash data item on the fly. The hash data item would be tested for its uniqueness, and would be related to other data items in the ingest record. Proper queries against the database would be formulated towards the relationships between data items not specific data items.  Such a database requires automatically generating quantum teleportation entangled pairs.
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