Are we the center of our everlasting universe?

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Are we the center of our everlasting universe?
« on: 02/05/2011 03:48:26 »
Are we the center of an everlasting universe?  Will all our decisions and actions result in the creation of our universe?  Even in the face of imminent death or non-existence from our experiential world where we see others die, will events shape our existence?  If we believe in a hereafter after death, will we die to find ourselves in the hereafter.  Or if our desire is to live forever, will we find the cure for decrepitude and old age?  Does the universe only exist in our mind?  Is the egocentric model complete?  If the universe exists in our will does it continue just because we desire it? Is all the variety a decision, held hidden from our own consciousness? What was there before our existence?  What can be there after our existence?  If my mind is not aware of the universe does it exist?