What is the difference between Homo floresiensis and African pygmies?

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Glen Carlson

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Glen Carlson  asked the Naked Scientists:
What is the difference between the Hobbits (Homo floresiensis) and African Pygmies?

Thanks, Glen.

What do you think?
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Probably not very much. They appear to be the result of island dwarfism. This has occurred over and over again in the fossil record. A whole assemblage of dwarf dinosaur species has been described for what was a fairly small island in what is the northwestern third of Romania.

Colombian mammoths were dwarfed on the Channel Islands off the coast of California and other species of elephants were dwarfed on the same island that Homo floresiensis is found on.

There are, however, some morphological differences in floresiensis that give some scientist enough to argue that they are a different species.

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