Discuss: Should I Lie Down to Tan?

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Discuss: Should I Lie Down to Tan?
« on: 10/05/2011 18:19:52 »
Is standing or reclining best for the perfect suntan?  Can we see atoms?  Why add pennies to Big Ben's pendulum?  It's a question and answer show so we shoulder your scientific conundra!  We'll find out how web companies keep up with growing data demands, what causes white ridges on fingernails, and why a clean glass keeps cola fizzier.  Plus, in Kitchen Science, we find out how to balance a broom whilst blindfolded!
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Discuss: Should I Lie Down to Tan?
« Reply #1 on: 26/05/2011 12:03:00 »
I heard this on the podcast and I'm thinking standing up would be ideal, in fact the tanning industry thinks so too. The new higher end tanning options at tanning salons/parlors are now walk in (not unlike the spray tan booths) as opposed to lay in units... however you aren't getting bombarded by the sun from all angles outside, I'd still imagine you'd get your sides better, and likely a more even tan assuming a clear line of sight to the sun assuming it's not directly over head and that you aren't standing facing the same direction the entire time (obviously)
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