Discuss: The Birth of Sunspots and Black Hole Collisions

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How are sunspots born?  What does a black hole collision look like?  How long does it take to make a full-size galaxy?  This month on Naked Astronomy, we find out why people searching for pulsars might spot colliding black holes in their data, how galaxies may form quicker than predicted, and where in the sun sunspots first arise.  Plus, news from gravity probe B, why there’s no more space on the moon for craters, and how as many as half of all hot Jupiters may be spinning the wrong way.
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Discuss: The Birth of Sunspots and Black Hole Collisions
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Interesting show.

I would note that you oversimplify the rotation of the planets somewhat.

Venus and Uranus have a retrograde spin, although it doesn't really change the overall conclusions.  Several moons also have retrograde rotation, but perhaps those are captured moons.