Why do colds, and other viruses, feel worse at night?

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I have just been chatting on Skype with a friend who is suffering with a cold.    During the day he didn't feel too bad, almost normal, but he wonders why colds are always worse at night.     Please could you enlighten us on this?    Thanks if you can!
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Why do colds, and other viruses, feel worse at night?
« Reply #1 on: 28/05/2011 00:13:51 »
I think it is probably due to inactivity.
You're laying in bed with nothing on your mind other than the cold.

During the day, you are busy with your mind on other things.

There may also be an element that they are worse in the mornings which could be due to body positioning and phlegm accumulating in the lungs.  Although, thinking about it, at least half of my nose often clears up when in bed and breathing is often easier.