How do ice skating blades support the weight of a human?

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Charlotte Chan  asked the Naked Scientists:

I really like newbielink: [nonactive]! Thank you so much for sharing all  this amazing knowledge.

So my question is:

Why can skating blades support the weight of a human and what type of metal is  the blade made out of so that it's long lasting and resistant to rusting and so forth?

(from Hong Kong)

What do you think?
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How do ice skating blades support the weight of a human?
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Hmm :)

Rust free steel seems to be the common choice for skates today.
Same as in your kitchen knife I would guess?

Before that they were made of all kind of materials I think, primary bone. The Eskimos have a trick where they 'coat' the edge of their sledges with fast freezing water/snow making a very hale layer on which the sledge glide.

Maybe there are new ceramic materials, or possibly plastic that would do as well?

Ice Skates.
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